RAID 5 Data Recovery: How to Rebuild a Failed RAID 5


So, one fine day you get a call or a message from your work place, and it says that you’ve had a data loss, and it is irreparable. Isn’t it your worst nightmare come true? Well, we all know how important even the smallest data file is to your business. So, how do you cope with such disastrous situations? It’s not rocket science that you need to use! There are data recovery services which you can use to save your company from this major loss.

Data recovery services are basically systems which help in keeping a back up of all your information. These services maintain your data in a way wherein you can recover any data that you have lost due to any mishap or that has been accidentally deleted.

There are several ways in which these services help you to recover your data. If your hard disk is not damaged, the process of recovery is a cake walk. Your hard disk is connected to another perfectly working machine, the data is transferred on to the same and you can retrieve all your information that you require. Some back up services give you the option of saving your data onto CDs or DVDs.

There are many data storage companies which provide you with the benefit of recovering your data online. There is immediate assistance provided to your IT team. Well, if your company has technologically sound employees, recovering data online is a trouble free, uncomplicated task altogether. Many recovery companies have authorized official rooms in which the damaged disks are treated and repaired. These disks are handled with great sensitivity and care as you cannot afford to lose out on the minutest of data. They are handled by experts, and it is made sure that the disks are maintained spotlessly clean; the smallest speck of data can damage a disk irreparably.

Well, your data is highly important to you. Therefore, you need to be highly careful when you are hiring these kinds of services. Make sure that the company you are looking out to hire is a licensed one. There are many fraud companies and handing over your data irresponsibly would be a huge risk. You can consider a company which has been certified by government bodies or other concerned organizations. Also, look out for companies which have a good reputation. It is advisable that you shortlist a few companies and then weigh your options, to select the best services.

Data recovery services are of high importance in today’s world where your data is exposed to constant risks.

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RAID 5 data recovery: What do you do when a drive in your RAID 5 goes down? What about 2 drives or more? A few tips and pointers on how to deal with RAID 5 failure, and how to rebuild a RAID 5 with one drive down.

Today we’re going to discuss a few points about RAID 5 failure, give you a few tips, and answer the question: How to rebuild a failed RAID 5 array. We get RAID 5s in our office quite frequently. Most of the time the individual has attempted to rebuild the array or repair the failure in one way or the other.

We are not responsible in any way for the outcome of any do it yourself attempts, what we are trying to do where is educate our viewers a little bit on the principles of RAID 5 failure and recovery.

So you have a RAID 5 that has failed and you need to get your data back online.

The first thing you need to do is shut down your device.
Next you need to ask yourself a couple questions:

1. Can you afford to lose the data forever?
2. How many drives in your array have failed?
3. Do you know the order of the drives in your array?
4. What caused the RAID failure: physical/mechanical or some other issue?

Normally, a RAID 5 array can lose one drive without having to worry too much. It is not recommended to operate in this degraded state for very long at all before replacing the failed drive.
OK you have the information we just discussed above, and you are ready to move forward.

So how do you rebuild the failed array?

Its real simple folks. If one drive has failed, you take the failed drive out, and replace it with a good drive of the same capacity. The RAID should rebuild itself. That’s the beauty of a RAID 5.

Now, If you have two drives down you need to call a data recovery company with experience in recovering RAIDs. SERT has almost a 100% recovery success rate for RAID cases that have not been previously worked on.

Here are some points to remember when rebuilding a single drive RAID 5 failure

• You have a greater chance of a second drive failure during the rebuild process. So you need to pay close attention while this is happening. This is compared with watching grass grow.
• If the rebuild process fails, this is more than likely what has happened. Either another drive has failed or your controller has failed.
• If a rebuild seems to be taking more time than it should, there could be a serious problem. Document the steps taken and the time frame, and call us for a free phone consultation.
• Always keep the drive you removed handy and marked with the bay it came out of until you are sure the RAID has been fully rebuilt and data integrity is checked.
• If you do have to send to a data recovery company, make sure you have all the original drives and they are accurately labeled.

So basically we have shared with you some basic tips and concepts of RAID 5 failure and recovery. You can always feel free to give us a call for a free phone consultation where we can answer your questions, and help you get back on track, or you can comment below and we will definitely respond there as well.

Remember SERT data recovery is here for you: we have the nations most affordable and reliable RAID recovery service. Good luck to you and stay tuned for more helpful videos from clean room productions and SERT Data Recovery.

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