Hard Drive Data Recovery with USB adapter


In this age, the information age, data is the driving force of many businesses, especially internet-based businesses. Data is frail as it is subject to loss due to computer viruses, back-up failure, mechanical failure, physical damage to media storage devices, hard drive crashes, natural disasters, and human error. When these unintended and often unpreventable disasters happen, data is lost and service to your customers is compromised. Thus, the role of a data recovery company is to salvage your data and to protect your customer relationships from being damaged as a result of lost or damaged data.

Flawed thinking amongst many business owners is that the services of a data recovery company will not be needed if a systematic back-up process is used. Some companies leave it up to individual computer users to back-up their data on a regular basis. Some back-up their servers periodically throughout the day, and some use automated back-up services.

While backing up data regularly diminishes the possibility that a data recovery company will be needed, always consider the fact that even the best back-up systems fail from time to time. Also, if back-ups are kept onsite, rather than offsite, the original data source and the back-ups are subject to loss in case of fires or natural disasters. While many business owners and computer users know this, it does not always seem practical to back-up data systems and to store the back-ups offsite. Indisputably, storing back-ups offsite is a good idea; however, in practice it rarely happens. More often, companies that experience crashes of data systems end up wishing they had an up-to-date back-up and they end up relying upon a data recovery company to salvage what they can.

One way to resolve the problem of impractical offsite back-up storage is to employ the services of an automated, off-site back- up company such as backup.com. Such services generally require a small monthly fee that is very reasonable considering that they totally eliminate the need for onsite back-up media. They enable you to choose important data files that need to be backed up regularly and to schedule the back-ups to occur automatically. Moreover, the back-ups are saved to an off-site server so they are secured in a location separate from the original data source.

The main things to consider when selecting an automated, offsite back-up service are cost, reliability, accessibility, and security. Some automated, offsite back-up services encrypt data prior to it being transmitted via the internet to a data storage center to ensure secure transmission. Most use passwords that authorize your access to the data which is made available through internet access twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. Immediate, easy access to the backed up data is essential so that you can restore your data files anytime in the event of a catastrophe.

Using an automated, offsite back-up service does diminish the possibility of lost data, but it does not guaranty that the services of a data recovery company will never be needed. Even the best and most professional back-up services fail occasionally. For this reason, it is best for you, as a business owner, to be forward-looking and proactive by finding and analyzing data recovery service providers and to identify a data recovery company that will efficiently and effectively meet your needs for data recovery if your business is so unfortunate as to experience a catastrophic event that results in lost or damaged data.

Do not wait until disaster strikes to find a data recovery company. In the wake of a disaster you will not have the time or the drive to effectively evaluate and choose a data recovery company that you can confidently rely upon. Choosing an
automated, off-site back-up service and a data recovery company should be a priority for you regardless of what phase of business planning you are in.

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