Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Hard Drive Crash Recovery

You have put everything on your computer hard drive. It holds all your baby pictures, all the pictures of your loved ones, your games and that mammoth novel you are working on. You love your computer but then, despite always treating it right, your computer stops working.

You suddenly discover that your hard drive has crashed and you need to do what you can in order to get your data back. You need a hard drive crash recovery and thankfully it is not always as hard as you might think.

Generally, you will know if your hard drive is going to fail, especially if you are dealing with an actually physical problem. Your hard drive may become louder, it may rattle more and it may run slower. You may even find it is hotter than usual. These are all signs that there is a problem with the hard drive and it may be best to get a new one as soon as possible.

If your hard drive does fail, the first thing to do is to inspect it. Remove it from the computer whether it is an internal drive or an external drive. Inspect to see if there is any damage. If you can, connect it to another computer and see if it works. If it does, then the problem may be with your motherboard and not with the hard drive.

If you think that your drive is going to fail, or it is not working properly, you can run a diagnostics test. Most operating systems come with that feature and you can determine if there is a problem with the drive before it fails. You can also scan for malware and do a defragmentation. All of these steps may solve the problem if your drive is acting strange.

Now, if your hard drive actually fails, you need to do a hard drive crash recovery. Don’t worry, it is not as difficult as you might think. First of all, if you can get another computer, you can connect the drive using a USB drive adapter. It is best to connect the drive externally.

Hard Drive Crash Recovery Software

Hopefully the drive shows up on the computer. Now, you need to download hard drive crash recovery software. This is software that can be free or expensive, and it is up to you to pay as much or as little as you want. The premium software will do a much better job of getting your files back for you. Some options include:

  1. Recuva: One of the best recovery packages out there, it can recover everything from unsaved documents and deleted e-mails, to files on dead hard drives.
  2. TestDisk: If you are savvy with a computer, this is a good option because it will allow you to recover lost partitions and make a drive bootable again.
  3. FileSalvage: If you have a Mac, then this is the software you should use because it is one of the few that allows you to pull data off a connected hard drive in a Mac OS environment.

If you are not able to get any data off the hard drive, your next step in the hard drive crash recovery process is to go to a hard drive specialist. They will be able to get your data for you but it is not going to be cheap. Depending on how badly you need that data, this is an option to weigh but don’t be surprised if you end up paying upwards of $1,000 for the chance to get your data back and even then, it is not always a guarantee.  Always back up your computer before it crashes so when it does crash, you are a step ahead.

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