Finding A Good Data Recovery Service In Emergency


Worried about that hard disk which has just crashed? With the presentation about to begin shortly and your USB not getting detected what do you do? Is your company server acting up? Emergency data recovery is at your rescue.

Emergency data recovery services provide quick help in retrieving your data from an electronic storage media that has crashed or is showing symptoms of crashing or malfunction. The electronic storage media could be any type of hard drive such as IDE, DATA, DCSI or SSD or laptop, flash media drive, notebook drive, apple iPhone, iPod, Digital media cards, Floppy disks, Zip Drives, Optical Drives, RAID arrays to name a few.

There could be many reasons for data loss. Problems with the functioning of the device such as RAID controller failure, overheating, corruption of the disk, array failure, reformatting, bad sectors, virus attacks, worms, motor damage, component failure, drive failure, spikes and burn out are quite common.

Data loss could also occur due to software problems like overwritten configuration files, back up failures, inadequate firewall protection, corrupt files, operating system failure, missing files, forgotten passwords, incorrect setups and so on. Some other causes are physical damage, a drenched system, electrical malfunction, lightning, flood, fire and sabotage. Whatever the reason for the loss, emergency data recovery services can help you restore data that you have worked so hard for.

Finding a good data recovery service is the key in an emergency. There are many service providers who claim to provide quick services. Many are not qualified or do not have the required equipment to diagnose the problem accurately. A wrong diagnosis might lead to wrong recovery measures which might lead to permanent loss of data. Therefore it is important to find a service provider who is reputed, has expert professionals in this field and can provide quick and cost effective service.

An emergency of this kind could arise at anytime. Instead of searching for a solution at that critical time, it is recommended to research and zero in on a service provider well in advance and keeps contact information handy. These service providers can render emergency services at their facility if you walk in with your storage media. Alternatively you can ship it to their office. If your device(s) is/are huge and heavy as in the case of servers or arrays, they can immediately send a team of experts to your location.

Before beginning to work on the data recovery these professionals checks the storage media assess the extent of damage, provide a report on the files that can be recovered and the cost involved. Only if that is acceptable to you will they begin their work. There is no obligation to choose their services if you do not find it cost effective. If you need just one file, they can help you with the recovery as well. It is not the volume but the value of the data that matters.

One way to find a good emergency data recovery service provider is to read reviews of the services from individual customers and business houses which have a long standing in the industry. A service provider who has a wide and reputable customer base and also the required state of the art equipment to do a good recovery job is what matters the most in such a situation.

There could be multiple reasons for data loss. The important thing is to approach Emergency data recovery service providers as soon as you suspect data loss. They use their expertise and equipment for optimum data recovery.

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Hello I’m Anthony Conway, founder of the company 6300 AC Ltd and I want to talk to you about Business continuity and disaster recovery. Have you ever lost data..? I want to give you an example of this and how we can recover data very very quickly.

One of our clients had a property portfolio and one of the directors and deleted all the data from S to Z, before we put in our solution it took them about 2 1/2 days to recover all that data, and I’m not sure they recovered all the data as it was. after we put in our solution unfortunately it did the very same thing but this time it took less than 15 minutes to get all the data back and I mean all of it.

If you’ve lost the data and you don’t want to lose all of it again we have a solution to you thank you for watching this short video my name is Anthony Conway and we look forward to hearing from you.

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